Eulogy to the club's longest serving Rotarian
Dick Donovan by Rotarian Jack Kean
at the July 17th luncheon meeting:
"What is a eulogy? It is a laudatory speech
 or tribute praising someone who has passed
 away. The bigger question is for whose benefit
 is the eulogy written and delivered? Dick would
 be embarrassed by any accolades or attention.
This is for all intents and purposes for all of us
who knew Dick as a friend and a Rotarian.
George Bernard Shaw: 
The joy in life is to be used for a purpose. I want to be used up when I die.
Dick Donovan was used up. He gave it all.
I came in today expecting to see Dick leaning on the windowsill, cup of coffee in hand. Selfishly I feel a little cheated since I hadn’t finished my conversations with Dick. There was so much more to discuss.
Next to Sally and the children his two greatest loves were the “Y” and The Winchester Rotary Club.
Dick and I first met when I joined Rotary in 1974. In his quiet but determined style he sought me out, made me feel welcomed and he quickly became a friend, confidant, mentor and big brother. He had joined Rotary in 1966 with the classification of Civil Engineer and at the time of his passing was the current longest serving member at 42 years.
We served together on the Board of Director’s, I was his 1st Vice President when he served as Club President in 1983-84, and we even received Paul Harris Awards the same night.
Dick was not just a luncheon Rotarian although he thoroughly enjoyed the lunches. His was a vibrant, active membership, by design, that carried over the span of 4 decades.
Dick was a man of conviction and passion while also a man of great compassion.
He was a gentle man and a gentleman.
Dick was unpretentious and a man of enormous integrity.
He was the quiet man but would never hesitate to speak when necessary and when Dick spoke everybody listened.
Dick was uncomplicated but also could be profound.
Many Rotary presidents sought Dick’s counsel. His opinion carried much weight.
His energy was boundless. In the years of the barn and auction Dick worked the barn with more vigor than men ½ his age. His physical strength was however outmatched by his strength of character.
The word “NO” was not in his vocabulary. He served on committees’ right up until the end. His fervor for Rotary never diminished. He believed in and fostered the principles of Rotary right up until the end.
Let us look at how Dick measured up against one of Rotary’s hallmarks the“Four Way Test”
of what we think, say or do
Is it the TRUTH?
If Dick said it was so it was money in the bank. You can count on that.
Is it FAIR to all Concerned?
Fairness is a principle that Dick embraced every day, not only in his business practices and in his athletic endeavors but in every aspect of his daily life.

He always sought the greater good no matter the obstacles or circumstances. I am sure that everyone in this room who knew Dick were proud to consider him a friend and Dick reciprocated that friendship in spades.
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
His whole life was a testament to this tenet. He dedicated his service as a Rotarian to the benefit of all who needed support. Dick was a Rotarian 24/7 and his adherence to the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self” benefitted the greater community. The spirit of humanitarianism was embodied in Dick. He didn’t need Rotary to respond but as sure as the sun rises in the East Rotary needed him.
Dick Donovan will go down in the annals of this club as one of the true giants. If we were given numbers Dick’s would be retired and he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. No one in recent memory has given more of himself or herself to Rotary than Dick Donovan. He has left us a legacy we must not squander.
Our lives are richer for having known Dick. What he has accomplished in service to others stays with us and will remain for eternity. The best tribute that I can give to Dick is to declare that he made a difference. 
Goodbye Dear Friend…we will miss you but we will never forget you."