Mr. Hugo John LaFauci

September 11, 1931 - February 24, 2003


"My grampy was one of the most caring people I've ever known. 

He is someone you could never be unhappy around,
if you were unhappy he would always find a way to help
you forget about it, because life with him was too
short and too beautiful, and has too many concerns in
it as it is, to spend it all worried sick.  He was
responsible and generous, he had a wonderful sense of
humor, and he had many friends who loved him.  He
loved life and loved his family, he loved my late
grammy, he loved his recent girlfriend, and everyone
who knew him misses him painfully.  Yet he would not
want us to be unhappy about his passing, as he would
say: life goes on, and he above all would want us to
live it up as best as we can. 


Watch a lot of King Kong and Frankenstein.  Drive around

in a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible with the top down,
listening to eight-track tapes of Cape Breton fiddle
and Italian music.  Spend time loving and appreciating
our family and everything that we have for the short
time we have it. 


Our family, Winchester and this
world will not be the same without him, but they're
changed for the better that he lived a good life, and
knew and affected so many people so profoundly.  He
never really used the internet, and anyway, anything I
say on here can't accurately sum up what he meant to
me and everyone who knew him, but perhaps it's better
off that way.  We'll all miss you so much, grampy,
Hugo John LaFauci, and we love you.  Until we one day
meet again."

                                                     -Taormina Lepore, Granddaughter



Hugo was a long-time member of Rotary. He was very active in the club. One of his claims to fame was his prowess on the Club’s softball team as the star Second Baseman. He operated the Winchester TV Store. He could fix anything. He was a great guy.

-John Lane



Many of us will remember Hugo as gentleman who was always a kind and good quiet man. His hospitality that night at his store is a strong memory.

-Neal Harte



I am shocked and saddened to learn of the loss of Hugo LaFauci. Always good-natured, he frequently approached me to offer his services anywhere needed (and of course this usually resulted in him being sent on an errand of service somewhere). Who returned the bike stand to Cycle Loft after last year's Pancake Breakfast?  Hugo.  Who pitched in to help serve food when sexton Fred had a day off? Hugo. 


But we didn't see enough of him, because he liked to spend as much time as possible in Florida.  Although he took flags with him and intended to "make up" at meetings down here, he admitted that he would get so relaxed he couldn't bestir himself even for Rotary.  So at least we know that he was enjoying his last year of life, both when he was with us in Rotary service and when he was taking it easy in Florida.  I will miss him.